THE LAWN BARBERS: Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Aerating, Fertilizing, Weed Control
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[IMAGE]CAPTION: We'll keep your waterfalls and ponds clean, peaceful, and hassle-free.

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Let our on-staff master gardener take care of all your botanical and horticultural needs...


We will mow the grass according to your specifications. We will bag or mulch the clippings according to your preference.


We will trim the edges and any interior borders (e.g. flower beds, trees). When we are done, we will blow off your driveway, walkways, and all paved surfaces, giving your property a manicured look.


We recommend taking advantage of this service twice a year: every Spring and Fall. Aeration helps your lawn's root system maximize oxygen, water, and nutrient absorption. Pair this key service with any of our fertilizers to have a healthy, thick, green lawn.


Feed your lawn any of our recommended Organic or Traditional fertilizers once a season--Spring, Summer, and Fall--to maintain a hearty, "golf-course green" lawn.

Weed Control

We do the job by hand, keeping your garden free of both weeds and herbicides.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

With each season's change come new cleanup tasks. Let us take care of these for you.

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All-Organic Services Available