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Important information about your service day!

Please keep these important details in mind when preparing for a visit from the Lawn Barbers...

The Lawn Barbers will be in your neighborhood on a specific day of the week. We'll mow your lawn on that day, at a time of day which may vary from week to week.

Since our work requires that any gates on your property be open and unlocked, we ask you to keep all pets indoors on mow day. Careful as we are, we simply can't guarantee that your furry family members won't get hurt or go roaming. You accept our service with the understanding that The Lawn Barbers LLC cannot be held responsible for lost or injured pets.

Before our technicians arrive each week, please put away all toys, roll up and store hoses, clean up pet waste, and remove any other small items from your yard. We're willing to move larger items such as lawn furniture and trampolines so we can mow underneath. Nevertheless, The Lawn Barbers LLC cannot accept responsibility for these items breaking or later resulting in injury from use after our technicians have moved them.

Should you notice that a Lawn Barber has barbered a sprinkler head, please contact us right away so we can arrange for repair or replacement.

We'll do our best, but we can't guarantee that your trees will not get damaged. Our recommendation is that you protect them with tree guards.

Please refrain from watering your lawn the night before or the morning of your mow day. You will get the most out of our service if the lawn is dry when we mow.

Most of the time, a rainy day won't prevent us from keeping your mow date. But should an exceedingly heavy rain all day keep us from mowing, we'll adjust the remaining schedule for the week so that no appointments will be postponed for more than a day where possible.

Your service is billed to you monthly with convenient payment options.

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